American Recorder Society 2003 - 2004 Season

Rochester Chapter

Join us for a new season of recorder music making, and enjoy a musical heritage spanning more than a thousand years. New members with any level of playing skill are most welcome. The Chapter is known for its beginner classes that provide a rewarding experience for those playing music, or recorder, for the first time. More advanced classes and consorts give experienced players an opportunity to improve their skills.

First Meeting

The first meeting is 7:15 pm September 9th, 2003 at the Lutheran Church of the Incarnate Word, 597 East Avenue. The church is on the corner of  East Avenue and  Goodman Street across from the Science Museum. The meeting starts with Registration and continues with playing sessions. During Registration you can preview the music for each class and consort, meet with teachers and leaders, and decide on the best choices for you.

Chapter Information

We meet regularly on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 7:30 to 10:00 pm, September to May. First-hour classes are devoted to improvement of technique with classes at different skill levels. A half-hour break allows time for some sociability, a short business meeting and a mini-concert. Second hour sessions emphasize consort playing in small groups focused on a particular period or type of music.

In December we will have an informal holiday gig/party and in May, the Chapter holds a semi-formal concert that is open to family, friends and anyone else interested in recorder music. Dues are collected for the National ARS and the Rochester Chapter. National dues include a one-year subscription to the American Recorder magazine. The Chapter organizes a workshop in the Spring for an additional fee.


Board Members: President: Frank Amato, Secretary/Librarian: Ellie Chaffee, Treasurer: Julia Mount, Teacher Coordinator: The Seelys, Workshop Coordinator: Linda Sweeney, Concert Coordinator/Publicity: Tom Mangialino, Hospitality: Inge Barta



Pre-Meeting Class (7:00pm)

Miniseries on Rhythm: Jean Cronin, 544-5451
Classes will be begin upon Jean's return in late Fall.

First Hour Classes

Level I, Beginners:  Neil Seely, 473-1463
Get off to a good start in learning to play the recorder. No musical experience necessary. If you know of someone who would like to learn, now is the time to encourage her/him to start out on a musical adventure with us.

Class will meet each week. New instruments will be available for sale.


Level IIA:Liz Seely, 473-1463

Continue gaining fluency on your first instrument and start a second instrument, if you like.  Emphasis on rhythm, articulation, and finger dexterity.

Level IIB: Pat Hanley, 482-9314
Interesting music for 1 to 6 parts, working out rhythmic problems, consort and solo playing.   SAT recorders required.  Please call me with any questions.



Level IIC: Jean Cronin, 544-5451( marion Henry, Neil Seely)

The two techniques that will be emphasized in this year's class will be articulation and phrasing.   SATB required.


Second Hour Consorts


General Consort: Liz Seely, 473-1463

Fun, interesting music of defferent eras for all skill levels.


Music of the Baroque Era: Stephanie Chacon, 271-0422

This class will play music from the book “Quartets for Recorders, Volume IV, Famous Pieces from the Baroque” (58 pages).  We will pick some pieces to polish for performance.

Folk Songs and English Country Dance Music: Mark Grey, 248-2735/Pat Hanley, 482-9314

We will be exploring two aspects of “folk music”.  Some of the music will be fairly easy – single line, limited range, simple structure.  Some will be arrangements of familiar tunes but with some added elements – more difficult rhythms, chromatic sections, key changes.  We will discuss what “folk music” is and if what is presented in class fits our definition, or if the folk aspect has been altered by the arranger.  English, Celtic, and American music will predominate, but we will explore other nationalities and are open to trying any music brought to the class.  It is expected that participants will be able to play both C and F instruments over a range of almost two octaves and have some knowledge of chromatics.  Bass instruments and percussion are gladly welcome.

Contemporary Music:  Jean Cronin, 544-5451/ Seely, 473-1463

A variety of styles of music of the 20th century, including examples from the early days of the recorder revival, will be explored.  Good reading skills as well as rhythmic independence will be helpful.

For further information please contact the Chapter President, Frank Amato at (716)225-6808.